Tennyson Lee

tlee "at" ipconsulting.org




Objective: Electronics Engineer


Summary of Qualifications:

         Extensive microcontroller (8051/680x0/MSP430) based hardware and software design experience, including real time operating systems

         Extensive digital state machine design experience including cryptographic hardware; experience with USB interface

         C and assembly language programming for embedded systems, including PID(Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controls

         Experience with bringing a product from concept to prototype including schematic entry, logic synthesis, PCB layout, and production issues

         Working knowledge of computer networking protocols and cryptographic algorithms; extensive experience with data acquisition and Labview

         Broad knowledge of computer and electronics related issues and developments and UBC/ICBO/NEC building codes including automated backup generator systems and associated controls


         Facilities Available:

         CAD based schematic entry tools, netlist generators, and translators with Cadence Allegro / Orcad and Mentor Graphics PCB layout tools & CCT autorouter

         Logic synthesis tools, PSPICE mixed-signal simulation tools

         Software development tools for 8051, 680x0, MSP430, and ARM based embedded systems, including C compilers, assemblers, and hardware emulators


         Professional Experience:

1992-Present                          Intelligent Peripherals 

         Owner/Principal Engineer

         Designed, implemented, and marketed specialized computer peripherals including Logiscan(a PLD engineering tool), a 68000 based HPGL translator, and a 68000 based multi-port data compressing print buffer

         Designed and prototyped embedded control systems and devices for a variety of clients on a contract basis

         Provided consulting services for computer and electronic engineering related issues including hardware and software debugging, sub-component design services, field service, and engineering analysis

         Designed/Implemented Unix, Novell(CNE), and Windows based networks



1989-1991                     University of California              Santa Barbara, CA

Electrical and Computer Engineering

         Specialty in digital and microprocessor based controls.



Selected Projects Summary


Esensor4800 DNA Detection System



HPGL to Raster Translator & Multi-port Data Compressing Print Buffer


Challenge/Response Security System


Industrial/Commercial Automation



Recent Contracts


11/99-4/2006                 Motorola (Clinical Micro Sensors division) Pasadena, CA



6/96-Present                  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.                              Sunnyvale, CA



6/97-10/98                     Intellinet Controls, Inc.                                        Naples, FL