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Bike Camping trip in May 1995

This was a weekend trip up to the Humboldt County area on my KLR650. I started out in San Francisco on Friday and rode up US101. I stopped in Ukiah to allow my rear end to recover from the abuse of the KLR seat then continued on make a fuel stop in Redway before ending up at the Humboldt State Park campgrounds. After scouting out the various campgrounds in the park, I decided to stay in Burlington campground which is the largest of the three vehicle accessible ones. Hidden Springs and Burlington had modern shower and bathroom facilities. The other vehicle accessible campgrounds only have solar showers while the "enviromental" camps have no water or showers. Reservations aren't necessary before the start of the summer season, but the mosquitos had apparently taken up residence well before then. I rode around the Avenue of the Giants road which traverses the entire park and took time to explore some of the dirt roads that branch off from it. But, I was hesitant to venture too far off the beaten path since I was riding alone.

[JPEG FILE]What I packed along...
Riding around in Humboldt
Me and my KLR in Humboldt
[JPEG FILE]Camping out at Humboldt

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