Monterey's Underwater World

These are some diving pictures taken in the Monterey Bay area by myself, Dan Clanon and my friend, Tennyson Lee.

We use a Sea and Sea 2EX with a macro lens or a 20mm wide angle lens. Some of these shots were taken with my old Ikelite Aquashot with Fuji disposables and a macro or water correcting lens.

Click on the small pictures to see larger versions. (files are about 60 KB)

 Strawberry Anemones off Cannery Row. 
This is me giving the OK signal from a boat off Cannery Row 
octopus near Lover's Point. 
Paul with the mushroom anchor 
my brother, Paul fifty feet under Carmel Bay 
Tennyson, drifting next to a pinnacle 
me again, off of Monastery Beach in Carmel 
Large Mitridium Anemone off Cannery Row 
A rock wall covered with Strawberry anemones, among other things 
Here's Johnny crawling through some foamy kelp at Butterfly House in Carmel. 
A curious Harbor Seal at Lover's Pt. 
A Rock Scallop smiling at a Giant Spined Star just off the West side of San Carlos Beach. 
The cathedral at North Monastery in Carmel 
A spotted prawn at Pt. Lobos 
Orange Sea Cucumber in the Metridium Field off Cannery Row 
Some Lightbulb Tunicates off McAbee beach. 
Sea Lions enjoying a very comfortable boat ramp 
Here's proof we saw a bird at 30 feet 
Tennyson with a school of Blue Rock fish near Blue Fish Cove at Pt. Lobos. 
A Ringed Topsnail off Yankee Pt. South of Pt Lobos. 
Hilton's aeolid off Yankee Pt. 
Red Volcano Sponge with a yellow dorid feeding on it, and Rose anemones surrounding it. 
Dendronotus albus Nudibranch at Lover's Point. 
Triopha catalinae or Clown Nudibranch at the Metridium Fields. 
Diaulula sandiegensis or the San Diego dorid at Lover's Point 
A good sized octopus found at Lover's Pt. 
Dendronotus iris having part of a tube anemone for dinner. 
Sea scape at Butterfly House 
Monkey faced eel seen near Lover's cove 
Red Gorgonian at Monastery Beach. 
Cabezon off McAbee Beach (Cannery Row). 
Large nudibranch at The Breakwater. 
The same nudibranch from a more comfortable distance... 
Diablo Pinnacles Nov 1996 
Purple jelly. McAbee beach, summer of '97 
TheeKelp forest off Lover's Point, Pacific Grove. 
A Spotted Kelpfish posing near McAbee Beach. 
Tony and Me near Eric's Pinnacle 
Metridium at Eric's Pinnacle. 
Nudibranch's gills 
Metridium anemones
White-lined dirona, Dirona albolineata
Unknown Aeolid 
Anisodoris nobilis with bat star 
Metridium Field 
Metridium Field with no flash 
Kelp in the Metridium Field 
Paul in the forest 
Flabellina iodinea, Spanish Shawl nudibranch 
Pycnopodia helianthoides, Sunflower Star 
Metridium Field 
Cabezon and Tennyson 
Hopkinsia rosacea, Hopkin's Rose 
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