Monterey Dive Photos 

Barnacle feeding at the Pinnacles

Xmas Tree Worms at Pt. Lobos

Featherduster Worms at Pt. Lobos

Spotted Kelpfish at Pt. Lobos

Scallop Encrusted with Barnacles

Front End of a Cabezon

Crab and Pincer at Pt. Lobos

Hydrocoral at Pt. Lobos/Pinnalces

Kelp Greenling (male & female)

Ling Cod at Pt. Lobos

Monkey Faced Eel at Lover's Cove

Unidentified Nudibranch

White-lined Dirona Nudibranch

Dorid Nudibranch at Pt. Lobos

Nudibranch on Sponge

Brown Jellyfish at Breakwater

Sea Hares with Eggs at MacAbee

Sunflower Star Climbing Kelp at Otter Cover

Friendly Seal at Lover's Point

Rock Scallop at Hopkin's Deep Reef (closed and open view)

Wolf Eel at the Barge

Another strange critter at Diablo Pinnacles

Attack of the Killer Wetsuit...

Photo Credits: Dan Clanon and I took these photos.